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Obama The Divider!

The stats do not lie! Unlike some presidents do.


You can almost see White House spokesmen Joey umm aah umm Gibbs running towards the press podium with a quick briefing;

” Ah umm what U.S. News meant to say umm is umm or rather aah these numbers are not divisible umm ah umm this was a umm trick question ummm.

Obama Job Approval Slips to 58% for First Time     From Gallup;

It is not clear what’s behind the decline, but two issues have received considerable play in the news this week, and could be contributing factors. On Monday, the president received bad news on healthcare reform from the Congressional Budget Office, whose estimate of the cost of one reform plan caused sticker shock on Capitol Hill. This may be feeding into public concerns about the administration’s deficit spending.

The article uses words like  ‘ Its not clear’ and ‘ could be contributing factors’,,Oh I think its very clear!

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