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In Memory Of Eugenia Piantieri

Re post    By Killpoke

This year I was given the charge of memorializing a person to whom I had never met. The difficulty of this is apparent. Of course I knew that the info that I needed was out there, the Internet would aid me in this and with that I began to delve into a strangers life.  What I did not expect was the overwhelming feelings one gets in doing this.   After a few hours of Internet surfing I began to feel as if I really knew this person..As if she was my neighbor, co worker, a  friend.Eugenia-Piantieri

Eugenia Piantieri, or Jean as she was called by friends and family, had just started a new job at  Marsh-McLennan Insurance on the 97th floor of tower one of the World Trade Center,  A point in her life that she was proud of.   The daughter of a military man Eugenia and her brother Marvin lived on Guam in her early years until her father was transferred to California at the age of seven.  Her high school friends would remember her as Jean McCann to which they were  members of both Drama and commercial Clubs in her Senior year and in May of 1998  she met and married Anthony Piantieri. Eugenia was truly and outright excited to be in New York city with a new job and at the young age of 55 years  a promising future.  From those who knew her they described her as having a whimsical unique personality, outgoing and charming, with a smile that suited her personality and beauty.

I did not know this person but it was my absolute privilege to do the research and memorial. And in this I am sure that I would have liked her and her presence.

It seems that the shock and sadness has worn away a little more with each passing year since the tragedy of 9/11 and I was no exception to this passiveness, but the power of the spirit in all of us lives on even in death.   Eugenia’s spirit  has reminded me of what life is truly all about. Because in the end we find we are all related, our senses tell us this;    As a lite breeze shakes the leafs on the tree before me carries the smells of wonder to the next, with the light of a new day brings the laughter of a child in the sun warming  a mothers heart. Beneath the stars a young lovers touch to another in long anticipation of the kiss and the bitterness of all that is ill sadness and lose.

Take a look around you and take in the beauty of life, what do you see?  This is a most unimaginable place we live in, filled with everything one needs to love.      And thru the spirit of Eugenia I have found a little more to love today.

boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth…Proverbs (ch. XXVII, v. 1)

Think You Saw A Riot Before? Well You Just Stand By

Bin Laden Is Dead

I’m posting this as our dear leader is speaking, and I predict the level of violence to be witnessed today will be unprecedented. And so be it.

Good riddance.
Eugenia Piantieri and the nearly 3000 Americans killed on 9/11…  you have been avenged

High Speed Rail. Unstoppable? I Think Not

The cost in dollars or life

Why has NO one said anything about the cost to implement  security for this new system of travel?

Clearly the federal Government has the whole air travel security thing down right? Really that’s not to hard to deal with, make customers go thru a  horrible screening process and then you are told you can’t bring that  bottle of water with you. Fine after all this eliminates some of the possibilities of that jumbo jet from being hijacked (o.k)

And most people on Earth don’t own a shoulder mounted Stingray missile that can drop a plane out of the sky, but watch any old Western movie and anyone could figure out how to derail a train, especially one doing 180 MPH !

What would it take? A log on the tracks, a car, pull a couple of spikes out? My point is clear. The Federal Government cant even watch the boarders much less miles of track.  Oh I ‘m sure it can be done but how much will this cost ?

Perhaps in the future this will all work out but by then I will be very old and gray and will not have the option to drive. But that’s o.k. I’ll  just call my great grandson to give me a ride in his cloud car.

Nothing like a ride in a Shanghai Shimmy on a Sunday afternoon.

© Killpoke 2011

U.S Navy Releases Al Qaeda Terrorist!

Out rage over the release!

Source unknown

The U.S. navy today announced that it has released a senior Al Qaeda terrorist after questioning him extensively for 27 days while being held prisoner aboard a US aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea.

In a humanitarian gesture, the terrorist was given $50 u.s and a white 1962 Ford Fairlane automobile upon released from custody.

The attached photo shows the terrorist on his way home just after being released by the Navy.go Navy

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