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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Stimulus program fraught with waste?

Say’s who? I’m thinking it depends  on the point of view.   Case in point;  The 3.5 million of so called ‘stimulus’ on the shovel ready turtle tunnel currently underway near Tallahassee, Fla. that will allow turtles and other wildlife to safely cross U.S. Highway 27.

Now the Libtards will throw out a bunch of statistics like, U.S  Highway 27 “has the highest road-kill mortality rate for turtles in the world.”  Really! Who keeps these statistics, do they really even exist?crazy-turtle-cartoon-comic Maybe I don’t know, but I thought turtles where smart. I remember something about the turtle kicking the rabbits ass in a race because the rabbit took a nap,, or something like that. So why did the turtle cross the road, careful the libtards don’t think it’s funny.

O.k  o.k lets just assume the turtle is to stupid to realize that crossing a busy highway is dangerous, but is clever enough to use a tunnel. Why build a tunnel? Why do we have to tear up a road to build a tunnel? Can’t we just build a bridge? Would a bridge not be cheaper, more economical? And how will the turtles know were to go ? Will there be signs posted, hmm.

Stimulus program fraught with waste? Well sure, but that is only in my opinion, my point of view. However there is another side to this, Do the turtles have any enemies? Again assuming the turtles are smart enough to enjoy there new passage way under  highway 27 wouldn’t it not be logical to think that the turtles enemy would be smart enough to wait at the other end of the tunnel?




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