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This Week In Newolitics

Obama Boasting America’s Financial Numbers

But why? 9.1% unemployment, Nothing good there.

A piddly 54,000 jobs added, nothing good there.

Home values crashing stock market crashing, nothing good there.

Have you gone to the super market for food ( can you afford to drive?) Nothing at all good there.

So what is this community organ talking about?

Lucky me, I’m absolutely broke, It’s 95* outside and I can’t afford to run the air conditioning, and we get to eat shit on a shingle for dinner so I have much to think about to be worried about what the commander and lair has to say.

On The Republican Side

Before Newt tossed his hat into the ring, the Republicans seemed to be bumping into each other.

However since then 372 Republicans have joined in the race and that does not include Palin.

What a mess, but time should level it all out.

As long as the economy stays the way it is or worse it really don’t matter who run’s against Obama.

How I wish Yogi was still around, oh I know Yogi is a cartoon but even a cartoon can beat Obama.

Wishful thinking I suppose.

It’s Her Vote NOW!!

Why is her vote so important?

She will fill a seat done out! like Kennedy’s seat ..Unlike anyone Who wins in November, O’Donnell’s vote is here and now!! Why is this important?

O’Donnell’s Vote will and shall be recognized immediately upon the vote. Unlike the other winners of the so called landslide.Who WILL wait until next Year to be sworn in as is!

This Video Scares Me!

And I’m not even a Democrat  😦

Money well spent.

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