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News You Don’t Get

Or News you Cant except

Code Pink Slip

Lets get the real message across!

After weeks of town hall meetings, politicians are obviously ignoring the American people.  The Mainstream Media will show a clip of someone holding a Nazi sign and this is supposed to be a representation of the general public involved in the meetings/protest.  This of course is ridiculous and this type of protest is uncalled for, however the power of the voice is real it’s just not being heard in a way a politician might understand. So if  someone is reading this please pass this on.

Start showing up at town hall meetings with pink slips in hand!

The camera loves color and nothing drives home the message ” Your fired” like a pink slip!  In fact you don’t have to say anything when your handing out a daintily colored piece of paper, the message is clear.pink slip

What would the Mainstream Media say about that? What would be the spin either from the Media or the White House?

     Operation Code Pink Slip

Spread the word!

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