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Shelf Life

Best Used Before Expiration Date

Through the year’s I have learned to take care of things. For example, a  flat screen t.v. we bought. After every use I put a small blanket over it to keep the dust off. I do maintenance on my Trek bicycle  twice a year, and it’s ten years old with thousands of miles on it and although I’ve put new parts on it the bike still run’s like it’s brand new. Most recently I got a Xbox that I cover with a small towel (again to keep the dust out).

All of this seems to be a source of entrainment to friends and family, they get a laugh and call me “Monk” because I go out of my way to cover up and put things were they belong. But I can understand why.  Nearly every single one of us spend half our life’s doing a little less then taking care of ourselves or the things we own.  Right from the start as children we lose the pieces of  a game or lost a crayon and can’t explain why. When my kids were young I repeatedly warned them to take care of there Nintendo or there CD’s to no avail.

But I can most certainly look back and remember a lot of thing’s I did. There was nothing I owned that could not be replaced which included losing a home I once owned or the various vehicles that I broke numerous laws in. Tens of thousands of bad decisions including monumental partying;  as I roadie for lot’s of band’s in the 80’s   “beggin your pardon Charlie”  ya got nothing but Hollywood,  ” Losing”  leads a person to make better decisions as they get older. It’s the way of life and it’s difficult to teach children that. It’s just something we learn with time.

Nowadays I can’t get in a car without freeking out doing 20mph and thinking that a crash is eminent and my time is up and I certainly can’t afford ANYTHING so I try to take care of what I got. I probably should be eating better but some lessons are never learned but at least I see the light now. Tomorrow is my birthday and with all that is happening in the world and at my age; the  expiration  date has new meaning, but one of the best parts of life is learning from your mistakes and being able to say I wouldn’t change a thing.

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