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Charlies, Farley

As much as I’m done with Charlie, the anticipation of his demise haunts me.

Fading Away.

farrah_fawcett_Actress Farrah Fawcett Dead at 62

Coming off the heals of another great.. Ed McMahon  this is just as sad. Even though we see it coming be it a media personality or a family member the stun effect is still there, bringing to light our own mortality. I never thought of myself as a grown up or an elder ( even though Iam a Grandfather..snort’), my level of maturity is apparent or so I’m told and I do stupid shit all the time, In fact I’m quite accomplished at it.  Does the fact that I know whining like a baby or jumping a mountain bike over a garbage can ( with terrible results)  does not make me any younger,does that revelation  make me a ” grown up ” or an elder..no it’s the age thing.

My son and I were watching the news showing clips of the Tonight Show when he made the comment ” look at what  they are wearing ” then proceeded to laugh. I couldn’t help but think of how I looked at old black and whites of long ago. Suddenly I’m hunched over with a cane in hand, with a confused look on my face all the time because I don’t understand text lingo..lol,brb,ttyl..like whatever!

Farrah will be missed in a far more profound way to me as I understand my place in life, on the other ‘ hand’  I will always remevilember her as Jill(aka Rosie Palmer) Munroe.  Hopefully with a little luck next summer my grandson will be telling his Buddie next to him ” check out my grandfather on the bike”  as I approach the ramp at full speed!

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