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This Video Scares Me!

And I’m not even a Democrat¬† ūüė¶

Money well spent.

We Have Seen This Before Clair!

McCaskill: No to 2nd Stimulus

Clair Mccaskill has done this before! Go against what Barry says how dare you!!I bet she has a new statement by the end of the day..If so I will post it.pic_claire2

Specter Gets Double Crossed!

Hang on Arlen quit your crying!

Stem Cells

After talks with Senator Reid, Specter was all but assured he would retain his seniority but on Wednesday he found that the democratic party are not all his friends.  News broke quick after Arly found out he was busted back to Jr Senator, losing 5 committee chairs!

Not Fair Not Fair! Says Arly.¬†¬†¬† Senator¬†Debbie Stabenow had this to say; “There were concerns about his actions”. This is a reference to Specters voting record, ¬†remember (card check!) Arly!¬† Seems the ass can be bitten in more than one way!¬† And Specter already had his ‘do over’ darn it.

So how will this play out for Specter?    Hmmm.

Senator Durbin Say’s Come Here Little Buddy.

Durbin Gives Specter Judiciary Subcommittee Chair,   Who didnt see this coming The Democratic party know how to take care of their own,  back scratching Scum bags!

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