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This Video Scares Me!

And I’m not even a Democrat¬† ūüė¶

Money well spent.

Senator Frank I Quit!!!!!

AIG OUtrage FrankI wonder how many bank employees said that when they heard of slobbering¬† Franks new proposal, The House Financial Services Committee, Approved a measure called the ‚ÄúPay for Performance Act of 2009,‚ÄĚ . This would dictate the pay of all employees of companies who received¬† TARP, and in a more reaching language¬† companies that the government has a capital stake in. And whats worse, ¬†its retroactive so the Government will actually ask employees for some ‘ unearned pay’ to be returned. WTF. What does that mean? O I know if the Government gave them money then they should be monitored I get it . Or do I? lets set the storey straight first¬† Barney left flank Frank and his Band of thieves created the housing bubble then after it crashes, Barney and the house of thieves in their usual’ ultra fast way passed TARP without even reading the cover of the bill, we all remember that right!¬†¬† Then after it was discovered that bonuses would be paid out under the very contract that Frank ,Dodd and Guithner devised,¬† The theater curtain was pulled for Blarny to grandstand “for the people” to force the recipients of the bonuses to return them. And now only weeks after that feascel Blarny is at it again , do not think for a moment that this will stop here , look at the words in the proposal ,” It applies to all employees of all companies involved, for as long as the government is invested “, it would give Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner extraordinary power to determine the pay of thousands of employees of American companies. In addition, the bill gives Geithner the authority to decide what pay is ‚Äúunreasonable‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúexcessive.‚Ä̬† so i ask you, If¬† the Government is paying out unemployment at such rates as they are how long before the (¬†..for as long as the government is invested ..) language is implemented meaning the take over of any large company that employs a lot of people in the vested interest of the tax payer!¬† If i said “The Government will dictate your pay” a week ago you would have told me i am full of sht….I do have brown eyes but..

If i told you a week ago that Obama can fire anyone he wants even in the private ¬†sector you would have told me i am full of sht,¬† Tell that to GM CEO¬† Rick Wagoner! The latest casualty¬†in the fumbling auto industry, replaced by a Obama idealist no surprise their , now we will be forced to buy vehicles that nobody wants but the real killer is the part where Obama will honer all warranties …WTF¬† what office does that fall unto, do i get a 1- 800 #. And to top it all off both G.M. and Ford (both tax payer recipients!) have announced that they will pay and i said PAY for your monthly loan if you get laid off …SO if i get laid off you will make the payments for me how wonderful!!!!..SHIT why not just give the cars away right , Good Lord What the hell is going on here!!

¬†I was a little pissed when I heard this come across the wire so I¬†was talking with¬†a counter point to my view and asked ” What do you think of Obama firing the CEO of G.M ” and his response was ” They asked for the money and they got it but it comes with strings attached I don’t understand why you conservatives get so upset with this!!”¬†¬† ” wow ” i said¬†” Big oil, Pharmaceuticals, The farm industry ” they get Federal help are they next”? ………He gave no answer .¬† Then I asked him” What about governors , politicians , they ask for money all the time.¬† Will they be removed for not conforming”? ……………. He gave no answer.

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