0022You can contact me at :

2 responses to “Contact”

  1. Lura says :

    wow that is some really cool stuff but i hear about everytime i come over just joke i hope everything goes good

    hi papa

    love ian

  2. Kevin says :

    Hey Ken…I see you lean a little right as well. The Documentary “The Obama Deception” is a bit radical but then again it is from Alex Jones of He can get a bit conspiracy-ish. I go to a blog by Charles Johnson called “Little Green Footballs”, I find that one pretty interesting, check it out. They have some good links as well. You would also be better served in adding the links from where you get the info for back-up to your story (I know that the Libtard Neocons hate when you present a rebuttle to the rants with facts!). I have to go but I’ll check back to see how things are going. Nice blog but remember, spell check is your friend 🙂 I’ll talk to you later.


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