It’s All Fluked Up!

Absolute Left and Wrong Right

Bill Maher can say Countless things about Women and conservatives .For example:

Rush Limbaugh calls one Women a whore who calls for free contraceptives a right! and he  gets excoriated..Why? All to obvious Libtards”   Why did Billy get away with it/ Because he has no advertisers on HBO , But because Limbough is on radio he get’s the sting.  Why? Because Lib fcks find it all to hard tune tune out, They can’t seem to  tune to another station, hell Know They tune in just for this. Women in America should be ashamed for this.. I am Women..Hear me roar ( for only one! ) I ‘am Women hear me roar  ( but just for Women ) I ‘am  Women hear me roar ( only for and ONLY for one party) Only for them self’s and not for kids Not for Men!!   Black or white who gives a fck ..but for them self’s.. Glad so see the dem’s progressing forward. Long live your life in GARBAGE,.

P.S Mrs Fluke head should have just turned to planned ( put your baby to death) so called “parenthood” for all of her fckn answers. It would have happened anyway!

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