The Do’s And Don’ts for Disposable Superheros

This Week In Nowlitics

Apparently Lois Lane left Jimmie high and dry as superman has denounced America this week.

Further indication of American decline. This hurt me so much that I brought out my violin of sorrow, but I dropped it and a flea stepped on it and now it’s broke, so I wont be playing that, sorry.

Meanwhile Donald Trump held a free publicity event this week. When asked by a reporter on the Superman situation Trump replied ” Superman! Is that the pajama wearing guy? Let me tell you if I’m President he would be one less mother fucker to fire”. Then his helicopter fired up it’s engine causing the ‘Don’ to abruptly end the meeting.

He didn’t really say that (or did he?) It was however very refreshing to see someone speak in a language  that lets face it folks we all understand. I don’t take Trump as a serious candidate but we need someone as serious as a Trump might be. Yes?

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