High Speed Rail. Unstoppable? I Think Not

The cost in dollars or life

Why has NO one said anything about the cost to implement  security for this new system of travel?

Clearly the federal Government has the whole air travel security thing down right? Really that’s not to hard to deal with, make customers go thru a  horrible screening process and then you are told you can’t bring that  bottle of water with you. Fine after all this eliminates some of the possibilities of that jumbo jet from being hijacked (o.k)

And most people on Earth don’t own a shoulder mounted Stingray missile that can drop a plane out of the sky, but watch any old Western movie and anyone could figure out how to derail a train, especially one doing 180 MPH !

What would it take? A log on the tracks, a car, pull a couple of spikes out? My point is clear. The Federal Government cant even watch the boarders much less miles of track.  Oh I ‘m sure it can be done but how much will this cost ?

Perhaps in the future this will all work out but by then I will be very old and gray and will not have the option to drive. But that’s o.k. I’ll  just call my great grandson to give me a ride in his cloud car.

Nothing like a ride in a Shanghai Shimmy on a Sunday afternoon.

© Killpoke 2011

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