Muslim Tolerance Made Easy

People of America, Lets show our love!

Ask the Muslims that wish to build this Mosque to DONATE the money to the victims of 9/11 ( showing there love and tolerance) and we will give them the land for FREE!

I find my solution to the Mosque ordeal Near ground zero all to simple.

How about The federal Government, just give the Islamic nut jobs the land they request for free? Allow Them to do what they wish with it.

Why stop at 13 stories?  Name the Mosque what ever the loving, tolerating, sensitive Muslims wish. Cordoba center? What ever. In fact Those who felt the need to fall into the streets and celebrate  ‘ The great Muslim victory’, They can even have the day 9/11 as a holiday.


( That’s  the year 4820 AD )

Now will the Muslims show tolerance and wait?


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