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40,000 Boy Scouts, True blue.

The so called commander and chief blows of 40,000 boy scouts in favor of the ‘View’…Joy B must have had a climatic bump when she heard of this!

That’s o.k.  What we have here is 40,000 pure breeds, thoughtful young minds that make there own decisions,. Ask just one of those scouts and they will tell you, ” It’s not about me”..

A Patriot is?

In the beginning of change, The patriot is a scarce man or women, Brave, hated and scorned. When the cause has been succeeded,
The timid join in. For then the cost is nothing to be a patriot….

Where do you fall in?

Explain This Obama!

This is another case of ‘misunderstanding’.

The name of the book Obama is reading is called:

The Post-American World,  and it was written by a fellow Muslim.

I suppose it’s good reading.   A little something to pass the time between golf games and mini vacations while the rest of America takes the time to read Bills and laws the  Government  spews against the will of the people.   With the world ramping up to the next level of hostilities at every quarter of the globe, It makes perfect sense in the chosen one’s reading material. He is a man determined and well prepaired.

I can’t wait for the ‘Post Obama’ edition.  Although I hear there is a rather long waiting list so you better sign up now!

How Hot Is It ?

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