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Brenda received a Shiny Butt Smile.
My friend Angela  gave me a Shiny Butt Smile. You can smile at me too! =)

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Ken Brown

Now the question is; How do you keep it shiny hmmm?
Do you buff your ass? Does one need help with this or is it thoroughly explained in the ‘ how-to do’ instructions in the ass buffing kit.
Or do you need someone to huuuu, breath hot air on your ass and buff it with there shirt sleeve like one does with a chrome bumper?
I got it…pledge lol
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Brenda Scollard Cruz

about an hour ago

Ken Brown

My hiny is shiny what can that be?
your face on my ass the reflection you see.
so get a good look at this visual bliss.
and pucker up and give it a kiss.
but careful you must be don’t go to far…
for the fun ends at the Snicker bar!
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Brenda Scollard Cruz


55 minutes ago

Yvonne Castro


34 minutes ago

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