Mary Jo Kopechne’s Death Is Avenged…Finally!

Ted Kennedy is Dead

Teddy led a wonderful life as  a senator and may have done some good things with his life in or out of office.

Mary Jo never had the chance.

 Teddy was VERY wealthy and acted like he cared about the the little people.

Mary Jo never had the chance.

Teddy had many people in high places to get him out of a jam, like getting drunk and driving a car off a bridge leaving a women behind drowning, although he claimed he tried to save her.  So why did he not report the  incident until the vehicle and body of Kopechne was found the next morning?

I am sure Mary would have loved to see all that was in the world of politics, perhaps even run for a office her self , but Ted killed her.

My rant today is not political however I did not like Teddy for his liberal view, no  rather it was the fact that he never took responsibility for killing an aid worker. Simple as that, he was a liar and a drunk period.

Now its time for Teddy to meet our lord and Iam thinking he might not get the pass, on this I might be wrong. The lord works his will and forgiveness is part of that. But for me, Iam not bound by that rule.

And now we will hear about “the death of an era”..or ” the death of a icon”, This could be said for lets say Pol Pot of Cambodia or Hitler, but the left will rise Teddy above the hilt of goodness. In fact I would not be surprised if the powers that be call for a Government controlled heath care plan to be passed in honor of Kennedy. It would only be fitting in the light of our times.

Iam truly sorry for the Kennedy family as well as the Kopechne family.

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