Are Men ‘Sensitive’?

You bet!

For the past few summer’s my wife has been bringing home fresh grown vegetables from a co worker who I might add does a wonderful job growing and Monday was no exception. This weeks pickings brought me some VERY hot peppers.

Hot-PeppersCropI love hot peppers of just about any sort and these were up to par. This time I had them for lunch, straight up too! Its that warming in the belly that does it for me. And so after a few minutes of eating peppers I decided to kick back for a few and catch up on some news. It only took a few minutes for the massive amounts of kool-aid ( my attempt to stifle the effects of the peppers )to take effect and I found myself in the bathroom to relive myself, like any typical man I caught the need to give the package a scratch ( you men know what I mean ).

Suddenly and I mean Suddenly, I realized were Jerry lee was coming from! I often wondered what that song was about and now I know. Just as with my attempt to ‘kool’ down my taste buds the shower had little effect in my need for relief. And so I have learned several things today all of which I should keep to my self.

Men you have been warned,,Great balls of fire has meaning!

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