A Victim Of ‘Change’.

Six Shriners hospitals may stay open

I can tell you my family is grateful for the donations by many and I have personally seen what Shriners can do for children.art_shriners_greenville_shcg

With all that is happening with our Government and the economy, charity is taking the big hit and that only means many who need help will not get it. The children of the world  do not and should not understand about Government or health care or what a bad economy means.

However we as adults do, whether or not you think we should have universal heath care or not charity is the one true thing anyone can do….Because it’s within ourselves to do so.

Right now I do not care who is right about the state of our country, what I care about is a child who needs help. And we can all make a difference believe me.

If you have a coin, throw it there way. Or find a charity you think you might be able to help with.

If at the very least you can do check out the charity at the top right hand corner of my blog, IT’S FREE….Just watch a 15 sec. video, check off a star rating and there you go you have just donated…Thanks to my readers and all that support a charity.



St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


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