The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

Stimulus program fraught with waste?

Say’s who? I’m thinking it depends  on the point of view.   Case in point;  The 3.5 million of so called ‘stimulus’ on the shovel ready turtle tunnel currently underway near Tallahassee, Fla. that will allow turtles and other wildlife to safely cross U.S. Highway 27.

Now the Libtards will throw out a bunch of statistics like, U.S  Highway 27 “has the highest road-kill mortality rate for turtles in the world.”  Really! Who keeps these statistics, do they really even exist?crazy-turtle-cartoon-comic Maybe I don’t know, but I thought turtles where smart. I remember something about the turtle kicking the rabbits ass in a race because the rabbit took a nap,, or something like that. So why did the turtle cross the road, careful the libtards don’t think it’s funny.

O.k  o.k lets just assume the turtle is to stupid to realize that crossing a busy highway is dangerous, but is clever enough to use a tunnel. Why build a tunnel? Why do we have to tear up a road to build a tunnel? Can’t we just build a bridge? Would a bridge not be cheaper, more economical? And how will the turtles know were to go ? Will there be signs posted, hmm.

Stimulus program fraught with waste? Well sure, but that is only in my opinion, my point of view. However there is another side to this, Do the turtles have any enemies? Again assuming the turtles are smart enough to enjoy there new passage way under  highway 27 wouldn’t it not be logical to think that the turtles enemy would be smart enough to wait at the other end of the tunnel?




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6 responses to “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.”

  1. Reggie says :

    Great idea! A bridge would be much better than three under-highway culverts. The catch? Well, it turns out that a bridge would cost $30 million so the $3.4 million alternative is actually a much better deal. It turns out that Coburn’s “13 foot tunnel” actually consists of three 152+ feet tunnels AND 2 miles of barriers on each side of the 4-lane divided highway. Indeed, statistics on turtle deaths have been kept. See where they list the top 5 turtle-killing roads in North America. Yes, $3+ mill is a lot of money but, then again, it takes a million just to pave a mile of an interstate. Road construction ain’t cheap.

    Yup, I’m one of ’em Libtards – the feds built this road in the first place through the middle of a lake. It’s up to them to fix the problem. The homework has been done – now it’s time to take action. Let’s fix the sucker before somebody is killed.

    • killpoke says :

      But what about the end of the tunnel, the slaughter that will take place? Give me this shit about road construction. How much for a roll of chicken wire!!!

      • Reggie says :

        Turns out there is already one tunnel in place. No observed predation at the “end” of the tunnel (there are two ends). It’s not like a continuous line of animals going through. They come and go without any predictability that it wouldn’t be worth a predator sitting there waiting. At least, it hasn’t been a problem over the past 9 years. Chicken wire won’t do diddley. Lots of species can climb chicken wire – including softshell turtles. Check out the web site I gave, they show pictures of turtles climbing fences. And, of course, you do need the areas for them to get under the road. Hence, the 3 tunnels. Otherwise, they would just be pacing back and forth behind the fence, never being able to get across the highway.

        The other thing is that this was not dreamt up by some lame politician. The project had a fulltime biologist monitoring and recording all the wildlife that moved along the fences, through the existing culvert, etc. There was a scientific advisory board, a blue ribbon panel, a PD&E study, a feasibility study, a design study, public meetings, it went to vote at the county level, it got recommended as the highest priority transportation project in the 3-county area, etc. It’s been studied out the ying – we know the design will work. After a decade of this tail-chasing, it’s time to build the damn thing.

  2. Russell Price says :

    Volunteers installed a cheap plastic cloth filter fence 9 years ago and was volunteer maintained until now,that apparently worked well. An upgrade to a chain link fence for $25,000 or so that would funnel turtles towards the existing culvert should permanently solve the problem. This option, except concrete was substituted for chain link, was considered in the feasibility study and rated almost as high as the current option, where price was underweighted.

    There is no compelling reason to accomodate access for the turtles from the main body of the 4000 acre lake to the adjoining 50 acre pond that was created by the highway construction decades ago. Many of the turtles are not looking for more water; they are simply looking for a place to lay eggs and wander onto the highway. A chainlink fence would stop the turtles for wandering onto the highway.

    • Benjamin says :

      My roof leaks so I put a tarp on it. The leak stopped. So, I guess I don’t need to repair my roof. I like your logic Russ. Apparently the real estate market isn’t doing too well. You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to battle turtles. Glad to see there isn’t anything pressing going on in your life.

      • Russell Price says :

        Thanks Benji.

        The market has been a tad slow. Glad to know you are so knowledgeable about my personal life and regularly follow my comments. With your considerable research abilities, maybe you can find out why turtles don’t like tunnels and why liberals have an obsession with spending other people’s money on their pet projects, even when 42% of every Stimulus dollar spent is borrowed from China or some other country.

        Yes, with time on my hands, I’m spending a wee bit of time trying to stand up to the confiscation of private assets to fund the noble projects of those who want to fund their pipe dreams with others’ check books enforced by government enablers at all levels.

        My concern over dismantling of the greatest economic system that led to the highest standard of living and most individual freedom in world history, free market capitalism, and the subsequent transition to European style socialism, is presently a pressing thing going on in many people’s minds lives, but certainly not the “most” pressing.

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