Obama To Iran ” No Hotdogs For You “!

From KidKev’s blog

4th of July BBQ Offer Withdrawn

Sorry Iran…It would seem that the BBQ offer has been rescinded.  Apparently you did something bad.  From what I heard, the House Press Secretary mentioned something about a “vigorous debate” that is going on in your country.smilly

ROBERT GIBBS, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I think the president has been clear that this is a vigorous debate in Iran between Iranians about their leadership.

This has me somewhat confused.  The POTUS said that it is a “vigorous debate” that they are having in Iran but no he said he is “appalled and outraged“.  How can you be appalled and outraged at a debate?

Something is wrong here, either the POTUS is down playing what is happening in Iran (read as weak willed foreign policy) or he has no idea what is going on in Iran (read as weak willed foreign policy).

The way I see it is, if it’s just a debate, let them talk it out amongst themselves.  However, someone tell the 20+ people like  Neda Agha Soltan that they are no longer allowed to debate this issue due to their protesting too loudly the past week.

Remember, freedom of speech has no place in a “vigorous debate”.

The kid is dead on!!

That’s to bad, I have no doubt Barry was looking forward to whatever salad Ahmadinejad was going to bring.

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