Lost In Transition.

Time is our most valuable asset.                                                                                                                   6-09-09

Some subscribers to this blog have asked “where have I been” or “what happend to the blog”!  This of course inflates my big fat head even further, I wish I could say I was on vacation but the current Obamaconomy will not allow that. I have been however moving two families into a new house, you never know how much you got until you decide to move! moving-truck_~bxp53263 My family has moved twice in the last five years, every time throwing more out and yet I always end up with more, Its like the missing sock deal, Household mysteries I guess. Little gremlins come into my home at night bringing big brown boxes of crap and grabbing one of my socks on there way out, Bastards! And why socks, can’t they take the wife!!






And speaking of wife’s, My oldest son married his lovely bride on June the 6Th,  As parents we have many opportunities to be proud of our children.  It starts with watching your son riding his bike for the first time then his first recital in a school play the next thing you know he is graduating high school! Along comes a grand son which makes me proud as a man with out a doubt! And with that a wedding, I have known my ‘ Daughter in law’ for a few years, she has always been someone I enjoyed having around. As a mother she shows a Innocence and patients a quality needed in a mother. On her wedding day she was beautiful!  Her elegance combined with shyness made for a most becoming moment in time. As individuals we recognize who is special and who has relevance in our life’s, over time we have acquaintances and we have friends and I have had the privilege of knowing a young lady as a acquaintance to a daughter in law, she is a very welcome  addition to my family!    In too many ways I am reminded of my wife as they both have the edge of a Samurai sword, each unique in personality and yet deadly if used in the right hands! ( for those men who know what Iam speaking about insert goose bumps here!!!)wedding 107





In a unrelated story I was recently introduced to my local bloggers association which was cool and even though I have not posted in a few weeks I have read some interesting blogs, One of them clearly stood out for what a blog should be in professionalism and content in my opinion;

 Life of Jason was just that and again timing is everything and now unfortunately I will no longer be able to enjoy the post because the blog has come to a end. Our Lord has a better need for the blogs contributing writer and we do what we must.  After reading a few of the post from Life of Jason I quickly understood that I have a lot to learn about true writing and communication and as many people do not agree with my post or do not like me at all for them I think we can all agree locally that Life of Jason was a step above!     Congratulations on a fine piece of work Jason.


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