The Media Sharks Smell The Blood!

Blood in the water!SharksMayBePresent

A few stories from this past week indicate a shift in the Media, The ebb and flow of the tide eventually reaches the shore of reality creating small tidal pools of opportunity for the press to do their job!

A scathing report  from George Will of the Washington Post;                  Tincture of Lawlessness

Anyone, said T.S. Eliot, could carve a goose, were it not for the bones. And anyone could govern as boldly as his whims decreed, were it not for the skeletal structure that keeps civil society civil — the rule of law. The Obama administration is bold. It also is careless regarding constitutional values and is acquiring a tincture of lawlessness.

 Viral Video ‘The Story of Stuff’ Is Full of Misleading Numbers


 Al Gore may have an Oscar, a Grammy and a Nobel Prize on the mantle of his solar-powered, carbon-free fireplace, but he’s being one-upped by a controversial environmental activist named Annie Leonard.
The California-based filmmaker has an online hit with “The Story of Stuff,” a 20-minute video that is being used in thousands of schools to explain America’s dangerous obsession with material things — and one that some critics are calling a misleading diatribe against capitalism.




“Rick Duncan” of Colorado Springs was a prominent anti-war activist who claimed to have served in Iraq on three tours of duty AND survived the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. He has now been unmasked as a lying mental patient (via Colorado Springs Gazette).

The leader of a statewide veterans group who fought for homeless veterans in Colorado Springs was in the Denver County jail on Wednesday, unmasked as a former psychiatric patient who posed as a wounded Marine officer and 9/11 survivor.

Federal authorities are looking into whether Rick Duncan, whose real name is Richard Glen Strandlof, could have pilfered money he raised in the name of Colorado veterans, said Daniel Warvi of the Colorado Veterans Alliance (CVA), the group that Duncan founded.

“We were all taken aback,” Warvi said.

Strandlof, 31, who invented the name Duncan and claimed he was a former Marine captain and 1997 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, never served in the military and falsely claimed that he was in the Pentagon during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the group said.

Nice of the Editors at the Gazette to report the story anyways.

And for the big story!!          


By Dan Balz

Washington Post Staff Writer;



Speaker’s Comments Raise Detainee Debate to New Level.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi‘s extraordinary accusation that the Bush administration lied to Congress about the use of harsh interrogation techniques dramatically raised the stakes in the growing debate over the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism policies even as it raised some questions about the speaker’s credibility

Pelosi’s performance in the Capitol was either a calculated escalation of a long-running feud with the Bush administration or a reckless act by a politician whose word had been called into question. Perhaps it was both.

If you saw the Press go after her you could sense the frenzy to begin!      Dorsal fins on the surface, wonder whats below?shark

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One response to “The Media Sharks Smell The Blood!”

  1. Kevin says :

    Why do you think Hateful Hilda (Pelosi) had all that cosmetic surgery? So she will have no facial ticks or facial expressions when she is caught lying! She is not stupid, she knew far enough in advance of her position to have this done knowing she will be a lying shill for the ONE.

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