Earth Day extended.

light-bulbI have decided to extend earth day thru the weekend…Yesterday i ran around the house flipping everything i could ,all the T.V’s ,turned every light bulb on (found a light in the closet dident know i had) radios and guitar amps a blaring, further more i cranked the heat up and opened the doors which made for a interesting constant climate change that reminded me that i still have the freedom to leave the biggest fckn carbon footprint i choose.Of course i am not a  global warming believing fool….while i care about the rock i live on  no one has explained to me the whole ice age thing yet. The planet was warm, then the planet froze, then the planet warmed ..if you could tell me why this happens and i should be concerned now let me know!  I remember when i was a kid reading and fearing the coming of the next ” Ice Age” as posted in a Time magazine article from the 70’s..Please people get a grip ,the current fad is a costly one . The U.N wants to tax America for carbon release , Obama’s cap and trade (or for the laymen cap and tax) vehicle emission control’ and tax’  and don’t forget the light bulb downgrade to fluorescent, Good intentions surly but is it all true? I know their are many climatologist that make the claim but their are many who say its a farce but the left wing of socieaty shuns and ridicules them. Remember the Time mag. article ” Ice Age Cometh” what happened to those scientist and their followers, they were wrong and now iam to believe they have it right just because hypocrite ‘ big carbon print Al Gore say’s so!! O hell no .

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