Government Intrusion? Well move over the not to distant cousin is moving in!


With the trickle the poison down obamanomics swiftly implemented, cities across the country are finding new ways to generate revenue for example;  Under a proposal by Chicago Alderman hypocrate  Edward Burke, cameras at 132 city intersections that currently enforce $100 red light violations would also be used to bust motorists whose cars are uninsured.  How quickly the rederike of the  constitutionality of the red light cameras is lost , cameras on every intersection , every store  you may visit , eyes on main street , tracking. The Government would have you believe that this is out of safety,but how far will this kind of reach lead to, Already the  Obama Administration has been hinting  for another Government bureaucracy the smart grid,(  pushed by lobbyist who stand to make huge amounts of money!) the idea being streamlining power grids sourced straight to your home allowing the Government to regulate the power consumption . In other words you would be given a certain amount of credits and if you use beyond your need you would be taxed. This along with thermostats that are controlled remotely by who? You bet.

Whats next cameras in our living room? The monitoring of my phone calls or emails ,(by the way big brother if you see me now this finger is for you!)  O wait the government is already doing this , During the 1990s we remember the  headlines of the ECHELON a signals intelligence collection system.  capable of interception and content inspection of telephone calls, fax, e-mail and other data traffic globally through the interception of communication bearers including satellite transmission, public switched telephone networks (which carries most Internet traffic) and microwave links,Massive out dated supercomputers that one could only imagine what they were replaced with.

Presume this;  How much will the fine be for spitting out your gum on the side walk? ‘lack of proper disposal of your Mcdonalds dbl cheese burger wrapper?  Or perhaps group association ,to many people gathered in one place without reason?

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